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Now On Roku!

CuriosityStream is now available on Roku!

On demand, 24 hours a day, commercial free – you now have access to the 1000+ titles of programming on your television via the Roku channel.

As consumers continue to shift to connected devices for their programming of choice, our newly-launched Roku channel now gives a direct and simple way to watch CuriosityStream programming on your television sets. Roku access complements CuriosityStream’s existing web and mobile access, and it enables our membership pursue their curiosity on the big screen.

Development of the Roku channel is an important step in CuriosityStream’s evolution as the premier provider of video-on-demand non-fiction programming that educates, entertains and inspires.

Peter North, Chief Digital Officer at CuriosityStream, gives us a look behind the scenes at the development process:

“Moving from the keyboard-and-cursor and touch-based paradigms of our web and mobile applications to the ten-foot, remote-based experience on the big screen required substantial development. The thinking that went into our Roku channel has effectively paved the way for us to have a presence on other big-screen platforms that cater to the home theater experience. We’re already utilizing that work to build on several other well-known and widely-used streaming devices, and our members have helped us understand which platforms would be best to pursue next.

We’ve always intended for CuriosityStream customers to enjoy our content alongside friends and family members. Access only on web and mobile devices made it difficult to have that kind of shared experience. But, with the recent rollout of our Roku and Chromecast support, as well as the Apple TV support (via AirPlay) that we’ve offered since launch, CuriosityStream members now have several convenient and affordable ways to enjoy our library on their bigger screens.”

If you are new to CuriosityStream, sign up for a free 30-day trial here. And for current subscribers with a Roku device, you can add our Roku channel to your Roku device via the Roku channel store.

Grab the remote, sit back, watch, and we hope you enjoy!

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9/11 : Never Forget

Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward and freedom will be defended.   

                                                                 President George W. Bush | September 11th, 2001


14 years ago, a day that changed a city, a nation, and world forever.

Americans will forever spend 9/11 remembering where they were, what they saw, and how they felt in those first hours of that beautiful sunny day that turned dark in an instant. The worst terrorist attack in American history took nearly 3000 lives, created a void that could never be filled, yet inspired a nation to come together in ways like never before.

To pay tribute to the victims who died, and to honor the courageous responders who worked tirelessly following the attack, the United States Congress designated September 11th as Patriot Day. It is a National Day of Service and Remembrance, when every American is encouraged to do at least one good deed on 9/11, to honor all that was lost that day.

On this Patriot Day, CuriosityStream offers a not only a way to explore the history of history of the conflict, but also a way to celebrate all the things that are uniquely American.

Holy War | ZDFE
This 5 episode documentary explores the history of armed struggles between the East and West in the name of God, that affect life in the 21st Century.  Here is a preview:



Curious Minds: the Middle East
This collection brings you insight from our CuriosityStream experts on the factors that will shape the emerging Middle East of the 21st Century.

Curiosity Retreats Lectures: The Middle East and Global Security
Curiosity Retreat luminary Ambassador Henry Crumpton is a veteran CIA operative with experience on the front lines of America’s initial campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Hear his insight on the paradigm shift caused by the increased role of non-state actors in the Middle East and other issues facing that region and the world.

And to celebrate the moments in our history that make America what it is today:

Curiosity Retreats Lectures: The Art of Discovery
Curiosity Retreat luminary and master historian David McCullough narrates the history and character of America like no other. Watch as he tells the tale of the 2 courageous Americans who taught the world to fly.

Curious Minds: American History
This collection takes a deeper look into prominent figures in U.S. history, including little known stories about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.



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This Day In History: Japan Surrenders

September 2nd marks the 70th anniversary of the Japanese Empire officially surrendering in World War II. On that day in 1945, Japanese foreign minister, Manoru Shigemitsu, boarded the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay to formally sign the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, overseen and accepted by General Douglas MacArthur, supreme commander of the Allies.

Before cracking open your old history books or popping in the Pearl Harbor or Saving Private Ryan DVDs, check out these top five documentaries featured on CuriosityStream that will give you an in-depth experience of our world’s most epic conflict of the 20th century. Gain insight from world historians that closely examine the war experience, from Hitler’s rise in power to Hiroshima.


BBC | Two-Part Documentary

A two-part documentary series on the defining moment of the 20th Century – the world’s first atomic attack. This program shows what it is like to live through a nuclear explosion. The action takes viewers into the room where the crucial political decisions are made; on board the Enola Gay on her fateful voyage; inside the bomb as it explodes; and on the streets of Hiroshima when disaster strikes. Special effects recreate the reality of the mission, and archive film replays the horrific aftermath.  Here’s a preview:


Killing Hitler

BBC | Two-Part Documentary

June 1944 — British intelligence suggests that without Hitler, the German war effort would falter. ‘LBX’, a staff officer with the Special Operations Executive, must devise a plan for Hitler’s assassination. How could a British agent get close enough to Hitler to kill him?


BBC | Documentary

The planning for the Allied invasion on June 6th 1944 took two years and cost thousands of lives, and involved a deception of breathtaking audacity. D-Day examines the intricate jigsaw, presenting events through the eyes of the men and women who were there, telling their extraordinary stories.

D-Day: Hidden Traces

Terranoa | Documentary

D-Day – June 6th 1944 : Uncovered by recent archeological digs, traces left behind by soldiers and civilians on the battle ground such as helmets, badges, bullets, weapons, and cans plus findings of underground passages and secret blockhouses provide new insights into WW2 history.  Here is a look:


The Men and Machines That Beat Hitler

BBC | Two-Part Documentary

This is the story of the veterans who fought in the 5th Royal Tank Regiment – a team of ordinary men who faced the frontline in both Europe and beyond. Their involvement in the Second World War spanned the humiliating defeat at Dunkirk, victory in the deserts of North Africa and finally saw resentment and revolt before D-Day. Based on the unpublished diaries and memoirs of the men who were thrust together in extraordinary circumstances to fight Hitler and his forces, this program uses drama and documentary to bring their stories to life.

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