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The Wide World of SVOD

Twelve months ago, I didn’t even know what SVOD meant.  My focus as a programmer at three television networks was to find co-productions and commissions that appealed to the broadest audiences. Here at CuriosityStream, I’m learning that it is possible to “program” for viewers of diverse and very specific interests.  I put “program” in parenthesis because I think TV and SVOD are vastly different. CuriosityStream can offer a deep dive, and more importantly, provide an experience similar to the serendipitous nature of surfing the Web… something missing in linear TV.

For instance, on June 5th and 6th, we will stream the DARPA Robotics Challenge live. 25 teams from around the world will be running robots through their paces of standard disaster conditions — cutting holes through walls, flinging away debris, opening doors and shutting off valves. Just like the best television coverage of any live event, we’ll have multiple feeds of the competition and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. But for the curious mind, we’ll have so much more. Just a click away, you’ll find original profiles of some of the coolest robots these teams have built. And there’s a comprehensive series about robots in development in Europe. Want to learn more about the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster that instigated the DARPA Challenge? Check out a 15-minute video of the wave of destruction along the Japanese coast after the tsunami that caused the meltdown. It is all available here.

By the way, you probably know that SVOD means subscription video on demand.  To me, it’s come to mean that you can binge on quality factual programming, and discover new and surprising connections along the way, on your own time, whenever and wherever you like.

Steve Burns
EVP, Content Production and Acquisition

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