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Celebrating the Pluto Flyby!

A team from CuriosityStream witnessed the historic moment of the Pluto Flyby!

“The Pluto mission is a human endeavor” said Alan Stern, as the crowd at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory patiently awaited the highly anticipated flyby of New Horizons by Pluto on the morning of July 14th, 2015 just minutes before 8:00am.

The big lit screens gave the count, five minutes away and everybody was standing by; American flags in hand, we saw media, scientists, mission team members and international visitors come together for Pluto’s final reveal and well deserved comeback. Bill Nye, the Science Guy, joined the enthusiastic group to the side of the stage, as the buzz starting growing. Multiple electronic devices on hand, cameramen filming on their mobiles and video equipment simultaneously, and a man three seats down surprised that the picture he sent had just reached the other side of the world “I just sent this to Australia!” he exclaimed looking at his screen. There was even a replica of the New Horizons probe turned into a hat that was passed around among some lucky heads.


Before we could even realize it, the countdown had started. Nervous eyes scanned the room looking for a sense of understanding of what was about to take place. Alan Stern and New Horizons team members encouraged everybody to join in — “Make sure they can hear us all over the world!”. A countdown like no other; actually, one of the best countdowns you could ever witness. Far beyond the hype of New Year’s and watching fireworks in the sky, this was it: a once in a lifetime event, for all the talented individuals from the New Horizons, NASA, and JPL teams, that took nine years of continuous monitoring and a very long waiting period.

And so it went, from 10 down to the last second, the hundreds of people gathered for the early morning event loudly raised their voices as they experienced history in the making. This time, there were no pictures, no live transmission on screen, no man floating down the iconic stairs or a spacecraft roughly landing on a red planet. As invisible and low key as the Pluto flyby was, it was also a collective mind-blowing understanding of how far we have come – the final frontier of our solar system has now been explored. And as a lonely probe continues to fly into the unknown beyond Pluto and onto the Kuiper Belt, we are certain that we can now welcome a new chapter of space exploration and the next set of discoveries — lead, as always, by the curious ones.

Laura Santana

Marketing and Production

Relive the excitement of July 14th, 2015!



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Social Media Reaches Beyond Digital

In a digital world flooded with information and choices, one thing remains unchanged: curiosity is still at the core of everything we do. We are curious about the news, the weather, how our brain works, what lives in outer space, and so many other things. This constant search has enabled us to create online communities, where shared interests are present and we can find bonds with individuals all across the world. Our lives are now filled with social online interactions that come to be an extension of our physical reality.

For CuriosityStream, social media outlets represent the right fit between offering the best factual programming in the digital space and bringing together the community of the curious; while encouraging you to continue the exploration of the great questions of our time through interviews and documentaries available on our platform. Furthermore, it provides us with the opportunity to directly listen to our audience, take in your suggestions and maintain an open line of communication.

We like to keep things interesting and fun. By providing behind-the-scenes updates from our Curiosity Studios, sharing previews of shows available on our site and promoting upcoming releases – we hope to maintain and grow a distinct online presence, that truly reflects the nature of CuriosityStream and what being curious is all about.

I invite you to follow us and of course, join the conversation!


Laura Santana
Marketing and Production Coordinator

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