Welcome to CuriosityStream!

CuriosityStream is officially more than two months old! I’m delighted to report that more and more people each day find that we are the best place to satisfy their curiosity about our world.

Recently, I’ve been traveling the world talking to filmmakers and producers about CuriosityStream. From MIPDoc in Cannes to INPUT in Tokyo, most everyone I’ve spoken to has shared an interest in our new home for quality informative documentaries and series. We continue to refine CuriosityStream so that subscribers can explore a new and fascinating area or idea each and every day.


It takes a great team to find captivating content and to create the platform to share that media. It also requires a vision for organizing and presenting it to you, the viewer. At CuriosityStream, we’ve known from the start that people don’t find documentaries or factual programs by titles. They find content by searching areas and topics of interest. We’ve built CuriosityStream to do that curation work for you up front, by tagging shows thoughtfully and thoroughly by topic and many multi-sub-topic areas. This work is invisible to our members, but it enables them to easily use the top menu bar to select one of our many sub-topics, from Genetics to Artificial Intelligence to Philosophy. Often programs satisfy multiple areas of interest, so our system delivers unique and compelling recommendations to feed your singular curiosities. Perhaps watching our BBC series Vikings leads to a recommendation to learn more about another of England’s conquerors, William the Conqueror. Or perhaps your curiosity about Pluto leads you to learn about the difference between asteroids and comets. We dive deep into the science with the astronomers from the Lowell Observatory. Did you know it was Lowell Observatory that ultimately named the dwarf planet Pluto, discovered by Percival Lowell in 1930?

With CuriosityStream, we are also experimenting with new types of entertaining yet informative media. Our Curiosity Retreat Lectures (filmed at Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa at our annual Curiosity Retreats) provide expert deep dives into topics as diverse as the future of nanotechnology to understanding the Middle East. And in our Curiosity Studio, we interview world-renowned experts on a dazzling array of topics. These interviews are produced with compelling visuals and form the basis of our Curious Minds series… making topics like quantum computing more accessible. Try it yourself: I bet you will be able to describe a qubit to a friend after watching our Curious Minds: Quantum Computing series with Chris Monroe.

With so much to explore, I can only hope you take time to enjoy your own personal journey of curiosity.


Elizabeth Hendricks North
President | CuriosityStream

Elizabeth Hendricks North
Elizabeth Hendricks North oversees all strategy and operations for CuriosityStream as President and CEO of the world's first ad-free streaming service for documentary programming and its companion businesses. Working with experienced content producers and multi-platform developers, North looks forward to establishing CuriosityStream as the premiere online destination for quality nonfiction content. Before joining her family's enterprises, North gained experience at Cato Institute, ABC News, CBS Sports and Termite Art Productions. She graduated with a B.A. in history from Princeton University.
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  • David B. Robbins

    How do I get this on my TV

  • I was excited to pass this on to my history club but it buffers and stops. Please fix this or it is a no go.

  • Congratulation on your new venture. As a passionate K-12 education reform advocate I hope you can find a way to include technology’s evolving role in continiously identifying each child’s ever changing learning preferences so every ‘lesson’ can be continuously personalized to keep students engaged and learning at their best rate. There may be no greater goal as we continue to graduate millions of kids each year without the basic skills they need to become self sufficient in the 21st century.

  • This looks fascinating. I never watch “Reality TV” but I do travel the world. Some friends comment “boring” when I mention that the only show I watch is Jeopardy (certain news & good movies). I would willingly cancel cable tv but my son watches sports. How is it streamed to TV? How do we pay?

  • I’m a new subscriber. Looking through the current available content I think I am going to love it.

    Only problem I’m having is the stream constantly stops for buffering and sometimes stops all together. My ISP offers horrible Internet but somehow Netflix streaming works fine for me. I hope you all can improve on this.

    • Ian — a new player debuted this week, check it out and let us know how it works for you!

    • I have the exact same problem. I use Chromecast to stream my favorite shows. Netflix, YouTube and Google play movies all work perfectly, but curiosity stream is constantly buffering.

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