A Bronze Age Time Capsule Plus Our Exclusive New Series

The fascinating Bronze Age gave us the first glimpse of urban civilization, particularly in the Mediterranean and Near East Societies.  And now, archaeologists have discovered what are thought to be the best-preserved Bronze Age dwellings ever found in Britain… giving us a closer look at everyday life in a Bronze Age village 3,000 years ago.

Archaeologists from the University of Cambridge detailed their findings this week.  They’ve unearthed the pristine, time capsule-like site in central England, some 80 miles north of London. 2 large, circular, wooden houses, built on a series of posts sunk into a river channel below, seemed to have collapsed in a fire and sunk into the water sometime between 1000-800 BC.  The water doused the flames, and layers of mud from the riverbed covered it all, preserving the structures and their extraordinary contents. Textiles, jewelry, food storage jars, spears and daggers, even a cooking pot with traces of food inside, were found completely intact. And the first human remains have just been unearthed, as well.  The archaeologists found a skull near the doorway of one of the houses, continuing to help weave the incredible story of what exactly happened there. Experts are calling it prehistoric archaeology in 3D, and say these findings will transform our understanding of the period.

The flourishing civilizations of the the Bronze Age gave history centuries of brilliance — the first developed writing systems, centralized local governments, the roots of diplomacy, and of course, the first use of metal for tools and weapons, including the new, durable bronze.

Premiering on CuriosityStream this week – an exclusive, new original series offering a deep dive into this extraordinary time in history.  Our three-part series takes an in-depth look at the rise, the impact, and the ultimate fall of the Bronze Age, with stunning visuals and expert insight that will put you right in the middle of history.

Watch here for a glimpse into each of the episodes:

The Rise of Civilization

Masters of Trade

Conquest and Collapse

Are you intrigued by the life of an archaeologist?  Are you dreaming of being a real life Indiana Jones?  Hear more about a day in the life of an archaeologist from CuriosityStream luminary Dr. Eric Cline here.

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