Now On Roku!

CuriosityStream is now available on Roku!

On demand, 24 hours a day, commercial free – you now have access to the 1000+ titles of programming on your television via the Roku channel.

As consumers continue to shift to connected devices for their programming of choice, our newly-launched Roku channel now gives a direct and simple way to watch CuriosityStream programming on your television sets. Roku access complements CuriosityStream’s existing web and mobile access, and it enables our membership pursue their curiosity on the big screen.

Development of the Roku channel is an important step in CuriosityStream’s evolution as the premier provider of video-on-demand non-fiction programming that educates, entertains and inspires.

Peter North, Chief Digital Officer at CuriosityStream, gives us a look behind the scenes at the development process:

“Moving from the keyboard-and-cursor and touch-based paradigms of our web and mobile applications to the ten-foot, remote-based experience on the big screen required substantial development. The thinking that went into our Roku channel has effectively paved the way for us to have a presence on other big-screen platforms that cater to the home theater experience. We’re already utilizing that work to build on several other well-known and widely-used streaming devices, and our members have helped us understand which platforms would be best to pursue next.

We’ve always intended for CuriosityStream customers to enjoy our content alongside friends and family members. Access only on web and mobile devices made it difficult to have that kind of shared experience. But, with the recent rollout of our Roku and Chromecast support, as well as the Apple TV support (via AirPlay) that we’ve offered since launch, CuriosityStream members now have several convenient and affordable ways to enjoy our library on their bigger screens.”

If you are new to CuriosityStream, sign up for a free 30-day trial here. And for current subscribers with a Roku device, you can add our Roku channel to your Roku device via the Roku channel store.

Grab the remote, sit back, watch, and we hope you enjoy!

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